Kombucha growing now on a large scale

With only weeks to go before the final degree show I am stepping up the growing of my new fabric, Kombucha. The kettle has been on all day again boiling up sugar and green tea ready for the vinegar and ‘scoby’ or mother culture. I’ve now enlisted space in a friend’s studio as my family won’t let it near the house, due to the smell! There are well over 40 trays stacked on top of each and brewing away. I’m even trying using guttering to make long lengths of Kombucha into thread. I now just need the weather to warm up to help the process, although some trays are sat on an electric blanket to encourage growth.

Kombucha growing in guttering

Then comes the creative work of stitching…….!

Here’s a piece of Kombucha that shows all the cellulose cells within the grown fabric.



My growing fabric

I have spent the entire day going into mass production of the vegetable leather, Kombucha, that I am growing for my final show…all made from green tea!! It takes several weeks to grow and the days are counting down till our final body of work will be displayed. I managed to lay several finished leathers out to dry in the sunshine and re stock over twenty cat litter trays ( you’ll be amazed what uses you can find for them…especially when you have cat that doesn’t use one!)


green tea solution


The growing kombucha


The final fabric

If you want to know more…do come to our Degree Show in July…details here shortly!

Talk and Tea with Matthew Harris

Last month our final year group ‘Fabricformation’  had an event to raise funds for our degree show in July. ‘Tea with Matthew Harris’ took place on Sunday 16th March at Otterbourne Village Hall. Over 120 people packed into the hall,on a very hot afternoon, to listen to Matthew talk about his work. The afternoon was rounded off with scores of delicious cakes. With stalls and a raffle visitors had plenty to occupy their afternoon.


Matthew enjoying the afternoon!

Matthew enjoying the afternoon!


Cutting the cakes


Cakes and more cakes!


Matthew with our course tutor, Susan Chapman

Talk and Tea with Matthew

Talk and Tea with Matthew



Matthew Talking with guests