A day to dye for!!



At last I’ve got to doing some long-awaited indigo dyeing, but this time with my Kombucha fabric.  It’s the last few weeks till our degree show and I am at full speed ahead with plans for the final show.
I have been seeing how my ‘growing fabric’ takes to being coloured. ..and it does..beautifully!  At the same time the sweet sickly smell disappears too, which is an added bonus for some.

Out of the indigo bath

Out of the indigo bath

Shirbori technique qorks well

Shirbori technique works well-just like normal fabric

Samples out to dry

Samples out to dry

Close up of the cellulose fabric

Close up of the cellulose fabric

Once dry I will start to do some stitching with it, although some pieces are too thin and will tear. Tomorrow I’m going to be trying cochineal…..

11 thoughts on “A day to dye for!!

  1. I may be a few years late to the party here, but wanted to drop a note to let you know how great this looks! I came across your site while researching dyeing kombucha fabric. It takes up indigo incredibly well, not to mention color from rusty nail. I started my own cellulose fabric this summer and wasn’t sure how well dyes would absorb. Does the color leach at all once dried? Did you have to seal it? Thanks for sharing your work.

    • Thanks for your lovely comments Jenny. The fabric really does take the dye well and doesn’t leach at all. I have been working on waterproofing it recently. Are you in the UK? Great to hear you have been experimenting with the Kombucha, is it for research or just for fun? I would love to hear what you have been doing with it. Kind regards Sarah

      • It’s for fun. I was inspired by the scoby from brewing the tea and thought I’d experiment with growing large pieces. I’m leaning towards making light sculptures with it right now. Alas, I’m in the US. Look forward to your findings on waterproofing. Cheers!

  2. Hi, I’m from Mexico and I’m doing my tesis on the aplications of the kombucha in the fashion industry and let me tell you that this is so dope. Now I have a huge question, with what type of dye did you do this color?, I’m very interest cause I didn’t acomplished the blue, I have yellow, red and a very beautiful purple from the jamaica flowers, but I want to try some blue, so if you can help me I would be really happy. 🙂

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