It’s Monday morning!

Why does it take so long to get on top of things on a Monday morning? I had all good intentions but it’s nearly midday and I haven’t finished the emails or the paper work!

I even wrote myself a long list of to dos..urgent; now; and can wait….and I ran out of paper!

I have many different projects going on right now. I’m trying to finish a couple of magazine articles on felting and also finish work for an exhibition in Finland over the summer. I’m continuing the work with more of my Chaos Cells from 2 years ago. Shirbori technique into pre-felts representing cancer cells.

IMG_8083web IMG_0425 IMG_0385 feltchaos

I did however get to starting my Kombucha brewing again this weekend. Now the weather is warming up conditions are perfect for growing and I won’t need the heated electric blankets. So the buckets came out and the trays are starting to pile up again. Now to wait for the pellicles to grow.


I find it very therapeutic ‘tending’ to the trays daily! Reminds me of my sheep farming days. While I let the cellulose grow I am trying to find ways to waterproof the fabric that I made last year. Several routes are looking this space! It’s exciting to be taking the Kombucha to the next stage. Work on the graduates exhibition at Romsey Abbey, in the Autumn, is moving along the pipeline thankfully.

I’ve also been doing some more sketches of the close up cells in the fabric with the aim of transferring them into large felt wall hangings for the summer exhibition.

287 - CopySo now I need to get back to the studio..and to some real work!