Spring is in the Air – and it’s time for sorting the studio!!

The sun is out and it’s time for me to come out of hibernation! No I have actually been busy with lots of felt workshops and teaching in schools. It’s great to see so many people embracing felt as a medium. I’ve also been busy making lots of felt gloves and cuffs…perfect birthday presents at this time of year!


Last week I had some fab ladies from Ringwood and Hangersley WI making felt bowls… 26 in all …it was a challenge for them in only an hour and limited space..well done everyone you did brilliantly!


Ringwood and Hangersley WI 2016

Then there have been the regular felt workshops in Woodgreen Village Hall -Book Covers, Surface Design,Flowers (see students photos below). There are still two Felt Jewellery workshops left on April 16th (full) and May 14th (places still available) if you want to learn how to create stunning accessories in felt.


Being an artist (is that what I am?) I’m always being asked what I do and what is my job title…Feltmaker? Teacher? Craftsman?  Does it really matter? But for now I have decided what really matters though is the work you produce and the meaning behind it. That is why I am now spending time researching ideas and developing a ‘body of work’.  [Oh and I think I might call myself a textile artist for now!] So I am keeping my head down, consolidating my work for several exciting things that are happening later in the year.

Trying to develop yourself as an artist (Textile) you have to have many strings to your bows. So when I got asked to be part of the village calendar I jumped at the idea. I’m Miss September!!! No as you can see I did keep my clothes on and the photo shows me chatting with Jack about his Jacob sheep….oh I do so miss being a sheep farmer, especially ay this time of year with all the lambs around.

Sarah 3(Photo credits-Bill Shepley)Sarah 1

Lastly, before I go back to the studio to do some work, I have been selected for the Craft & Design magazine selected Maker Awards!! If you have time do vote for me at www.craftmaker.co.uk/SarahWaters   It would be lovely to get £1000 of publicity from them…

That’s it for now…do have a look at my website www.sarahwaterstextiles.com for more information.


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