Wow! Amazing! Beautiful!



‘Stone’ stand TG4, 2017

That was some of the many words written in my comments book at last week’s Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, London. I’ve only just had time to sit and reflect on how wonderful the week was….


Some of the comments

After so long, in the planning and making, it finally came together. When I applied for the Knitting and Stitching Show almost 2 years ago I had a vision of using British wool to make large scale wallhangings that looked and felt like stone.  It was so lovely to see people touching and feeling (and even hugging) the stones. I wanted the textures of all the different fibres to be felt – the organisers had given me ‘Please do not touch’ signs which I rejected, much to the pleasure of all the visitors alike!


Can I really ‘hug a stone’ ??

I really went on a fabulous journey in the research of my stones and learnt a lot along the way – from the history of standing stones to the superstitions of hagstones and the writings of ancient Ogham.  Over the week I met some great people in London – from the lady who bought an art book to sketch every day (on my advise!!) to the school children who sat cross legged on the floor to work out what the Ogham lines said…..


I am still managing to work with my Kombucha and used it along side the felt. Having now worked out how to waterproof the cellulose fabric I hope to move forward with the research next year.


The physical problems of making such large pieces were also a challenge but with help from some very dear friends…both physical and mentally I couldn’t have done it without them…so thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Two weeks and then I go to Dublin with the exhibition and on to Harrogate at the end of November..hope to see some of you there…..

Sarah x 

PS. Helen..never got that ‘selfie’ with you…!


Stones -Sarah Waters, 2017




One week to go!

Very’s our last day at college tomorrow. I will miss everyone after 3 (long years). What will we do with no Wednesdays together?
Anyhow I’m sorting my last bits of work for the Degree Show, which starts next Thursday. Not sure how I’m transporting it all there…might be two trips I fear.
The last bit of sewing is about to commence. Trying to decide which order to place my 16 Kombucha pieces has been hard work. They will be displayed ontop of a lightbox to show their cell structure .

16 squares of Kombucha-dyed, printed and texture

16 squares of Kombucha-dyed, printed and texture

All five plinths are having their final coat of paint, as I write this. The fishtank is ready and waiting to be emptied and tranported. I’m pleased to say that it hasn’t got any fish in it…just sugar and green tea!  For those of you who know me well, next week’s display will be slightly different to everyone elses…watch this space.