Chasing my tail…(or hats in my case)!

How is it that Christmas is at the same time year in year out but that even with meticulous planning you always end up running behind and chasing your tail in the last few weeks? I’m still teaching right up until school breaks up and also felting in the studio space on Wednesdays at the Rum’s Eg gallery in Romsey, Hants. They’ve been selling my felt hats as fast as I can make them!


Last weekend my copy of Felt Matters, the International Felt Makers Association quarterly magazine, landed on my doormat. How I got asked to write an article on the techniques on Indigo dyeing I’m still not quite sure but it was good to see my words and pictures in print, that was until my father-in-law, a retired epidemiologist and writer of many books and magazine articles, read it. ‘You’ve not mantioned the Latin name of the Indigo plant and who proof read the text?’ (I did) he commented. (Note to myself -next time you write an article for a pulication get your father-in-law to read it first)

indigo article 14

I have had a chance to do some research on my ‘growing fabric’ and in the New Year will continue with the waterproofing of the material. I’m lucky enough to have a neighbour who travels worldwide in the tannery business and has given me lots of advise. So my new year’s resolution is to try out all the potions he has given me!!

Watch this space…

In the meantime I’m taking part in the Society of Designer Craftsmen’s 25th Designer Crafts at the Mall Galleries in London in January . Do come and see all the wonderful work on display.

mall exhibition