Why am I growing my fabric?

I have been asked several times in the past few days as to why am I growing such a vegetable leather. So it’s got me thinking..well why not. But that’s not really a very good answer. My vegetable leather is made from bacterial cellulose and could have enormous potential in the future of fabric development. It is organic, biodegradeable and regenerating which in these current times of looking for alternatives could be a real possibility. It could even have potential uses in the medical industry.

I have also been looking at mark making and printing onto my growing fabric with rusty nails. I’m very pleased with the outcome. The kombucha takes the colour almost instantly.

nails sandwiched between two layers of kombucha

Nails sandwiched between two layers of kombucha

The vegetavle leather takes the rust very quickly

The vegetable leather takes the rust very quickly

My growing fabric

I have spent the entire day going into mass production of the vegetable leather, Kombucha, that I am growing for my final show…all made from green tea!! It takes several weeks to grow and the days are counting down till our final body of work will be displayed. I managed to lay several finished leathers out to dry in the sunshine and re stock over twenty cat litter trays ( you’ll be amazed what uses you can find for them…especially when you have cat that doesn’t use one!)


green tea solution


The growing kombucha


The final fabric

If you want to know more…do come to our Degree Show in July…details here shortly!